Products of the company Top tools are divided into two big groups.

First group are the «ready to go» Tools. These are fully tested/inspected, ready-to-work and available 24/7 on our bases or can be delivered to the place of operation. This equipment is literally always available of the shelf for direct supply and delivery.

Second group are the specialized tools, these are developed in accordance with the customer’s needs.

We want to guaranty for the quality of the provided tools and services. Therefore equipment durability and reliability is key to us when the tools require to be functioning under extreme conditions. Therefore, our tools are matching the quality standards required in order to be sure they will perform under the requested conditions.

Additionally, we invite third parties, as well as customer representatives who are taking part in random audits for them to observe our manufacturing as well assembly process of the tools going to location. Quality Assurance of these tools along with job and maintenance histories is secured via our Select Line system where we are tracking all of the tools which are carrying a TopTools label.

Company «Top Tools» products classification
Сompletion systems
Production packers
Permanent Seal Bore Packers
Retrievable Seal Bore Packers
Tension Set Retrievable Packers
Compression Set Retrievable Packers
Retrievable Dual Packers
Inflatable Packers
On/Off Tools
Safety Joints
Packer Tubing Accessories
Liner Hanger systems
Liner Hangers
Liner Packers
Liner Accessories
Flow control
Sliding Sleeves
Locks and Nipples
Blast joints
Thru-tubing Systems
Fishing equipment
Special equipment
PDMs and Mills
Service and Rental Tools
Service Tools
Squeeze Packers
Inflatable Packers
Cement Retainers
Retrievable Bridge Plugs
Drillable Bridge Plugs
Selective Treating
Setting Tools
Liner Hangers
Cementing /
Rotating systems while RIH
as well as while cement job
Horizontal Multi-Stage Completions
Open Hole Packers
Hydro-Mechanical Packers
Inflatable Packers
Swell Packers
Ball Activated Frac Sleeves
Open Hole
Cemented Hole
Multi-Port System
Plug & Perf System
Composite Plugs
Aluminum Plugs
Research & Development
New Technology
Torque and Drag Calculations
Milling, well cleanup, milling out of Frac Sleeves
TopTools has a wide range of mills, including advanced development of tools for milling. These tools, in association with our downhole PDMs, simplify milling and considerably increasing rate of penetration.
Abrasive cut & perforation, as well as one trip system using Coiled Tubing, such as: «Plug & Perf»
This system was developed in order to accommodate to set the plug, do abrasive perforation and then prepare the well for multistage fracturing only in one run! On top of that, TopTools provides abrasive cutting and perforation services in any wells.
All possible fishing operations.
We provide our customers with any type of fishing jobs in any wells. Whether it will be a disconnected downhole pump, a lost wire line tool in a deviated liner, sheared Coiled Tubing strings or a cemented plug, everything is possible for which we can manufacture the right fishing tools
Development of any specialized equipment and technologies.
Due to the enormous variety in well completions no well is the same, therefore it might be possible that your application requires a tailored solution in order to resolve the problem. TopTools is specialized in providing these solutions via the drawing board before we manufacture, nothing is lost if the solution doesn’t fit the requirement.