TopTools is a downhole Tool Services Company related to the Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Water well development and the Salt mining industry. Whereby, we provide Thru-Tubing & Completion Service tools and are specialized in the development of new downhole Tools & Technologies.

It is our goal to strive and develop together with our Customers for the most effective and progressive solutions with the focus on success.

When we are consulted by our Customers we know they require expertise and well-founded support in order to adequate respond to their Well problems. The huge cost and investments involved when developing and/or maintaining a wellbore in order to secure its production is the main driver for TopTools to continuously making efforts in order to maintain our Service Quality and Competence. We therefore only work with enthusiastic specialists and professionals!

Our people therefore co-operates with our Customer on a daily bases when a wellbore problem arises to develop the best solution and plan of attack. The right tools and equipment are thereafter carefully chosen out of our Select-line Database which guarantees us to have the right tool on location, maintained and Quality controlled.

Throughout the year, whether working on a remote location, being in transit or in the office we have developed the company in such a way that we can provide our services to our customers at all times and support them to secure their production agreements. This is very important to maintain the standards of living so that people are assured with energy to warm their houses, are able to drive their cars and can buy their food on a daily bases. It is therefore that we are proud to be part of the frontline of the economic chain making sure the energy supply and delivery is not hindered.

Members of our team do have their share of expertise, specialism and competence and are able to react adequately on any unpredictable situations remotely or close by. Therefore they have a certain level of training surpassed required to understand and react to these circumstances during the process of recovering a wellbore problem. Knowledge of downhole tools and completions are therefor of an essence to swiftly discuss the solution trail on site along with the services provider and company man. Being capable of ordering and utilize the right tools with the given specifications to withstand min. & max. ID, OD’s as well as yield strength, tensile loads, pressures and other limitations to be secure within the operating envelope provided.

Of an equal importance is the awareness of HSE, QAQC as well Cost control. If we can do our job safely within the available timeframe we can save a considerable amount of cost and thereby contributing to the customer effort bringing their well back on stream again in time and on budget. Also it is our way of working to make Customers aware of the solution possibilities and its cost implications, if we can do better for cheaper without compromising on quality and safety we will do it. TopTools is there for the long run to listen, to advice, to educate and built valuable relations in order to provide continuous improvement services.

TopTools acknowledges today’s fact of an ever changing environment which challenges us and our people to constantly improve, learn from mistakes and interact with our clients to support their requirements. This is our way forward then to design, maintain and develop Tools based on our experience with new progressing or advanced technology coming to the market on a daily basis. Many case histories or examples of these new technologies we can discuss here as an example, instead we will have regular updates on case histories which we will share on this websites once in accordance and approval of the well owner or Customer.

To finalize this section we hope we have provided you with a common and clear statement of the company’s vision and ideology as well on our service strategy. TopTools finds it very important to be open and clear for our Customers to know what they can expect to make the right decision when it comes to a situation they would require out assistance. Whether it is during any of your wellbore maintenance schedule or any of the unexpected situations where you are reluctant to but require professional assistance and support to recover from. This will be required safely, with the right attitude, with Quality Tools and intended success! Therefore TopTools is your Oilfield partner!

To deliver Quality Tools and Services to our Customers with the focus on new Technology and improved Developments.
Development of new product lines, such as, completion, as well as Casing Running product line.
Further improvement of in-house development and technologies with the intention to enhance quality, performance and reliability.
Only Germany
All continental Europe,
Eastern Europe, Russia, Israel

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