An e-cable bypass tool Developed by Top Tools called «IntelleCT» for Coiled tubing with 1/8” encapsulated cable to transfer downhole data, successfully performed a multi run operation of 19 runs in the Netherlands (perforation, logging, plug setting with adequate depth-control etc.).

PDM Test Stand

TopTools developed a special designed Test Stand for PDMs to function test the down-hole motors This system is able to function test PDMs in different possible modes whereby we can test against the Manufacturer specifications to confirm the motor is able to perform as expected.

Radial Jetting

Top Tools developed a new rigless technology for Radial Jetting to be able to set a Deflector Shoe in any part of the casing utilizing MiniCoil™ and thereafter to retrieve the deflector shoe with Slick-line.

Plug and Perf

Top Tools performed the first «Plug & Perf» one run system on coiled tubing in FSU resulted in exceptional cost savings for the customer opposed to other multi entry systems.

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